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Holy Grail Product: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

[I’m Meg, and I am a lifetime member of the Linette club. I’ll be popping in once in a while to spew opinions on products, food and life in general. Hello!] 

Everyone knows that the ‘secret’ to glowing, Miranda Kerr-esque skin is drinking lots of water, the perfect diet, 7.5 hours of sleep a night, yoga every morning, supermodel genes… Please. Tell me something I don’t know. But let’s be honest here; sometimes life gets in the way. Every so often, my less-than-virtuous lifestyle (i.e. all-nighters, stress, greasy chips, ill-advised dairy) turns my face into a battle zone: oily and dull skin, blackheads galore, gunk in every large pore, hormonal acne mushrooming in unlikely areas.

Enter Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, the 100% bentonite clay mask that actually does work.

Despite its rather dubious-sounding name, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is actually quite a cult favourite. Make no mistake though – this mask does not look good, smell good, or make you feel pampered in any way as you’re using it. No. The phrase ‘beauty is pain’ comes to mind. But boy, does it work. After just one use, my hormone acne calms down, blackheads come to the surface for easy extraction, and my skin just glows.

How to use it:


It comes in a big tub in powder form, so you will need to mix it up yourself. You can use either water or apple cider vinegar, but I find that ACV makes for a much smoother mixture.

I put about two teaspoons of powder into a small dish and add Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, mixing it with my finger (or a non-metal spoon) until it reaches a yoghurt-like consistency. If my skin really needs help, I add a few drops of tea tree oil to the mix.


I slather it on my skin until it forms an opaque layer. Don’t skimp on it, but don’t go crazy either. It can take a long time to dry if you go too thick.

What it feels like:

Like my skin is being stretched by the devil’s paws. Just kidding, but not really. It is intense. Wimps need not apply. I leave it on until the mask dries completely and cracks, and as it dries, I can feel my skin pulsate. This is, apparently, the mask drawing the gunk out of your skin.

How to take it off:

After the mask dries, I like scaring people with my swamp monster face.

When you’re bored of that, I recommend taking a shower, using the steam and warm water to wash off the mask. Amazingly, this mask dries out hormonal acne without drying out skin. Although it does make my skin red after use, my skin calms down overnight and becomes clear and glowing the next morning. It’s like someone pressed the ‘reset’ button on that thing.

I have a whole arsenal of excellent products aiding me in my war against acne, but this mask has made the most dramatic difference. I thoroughly, three thumbs up, five stars, 100% recommend it. For the price (approximately $8 on Amazon), it really cannot be beaten. If you have oily skin, large pores, hormonal acne or blackheads, this is the magic bullet.



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