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Makeup Mondays #2 – Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation Review

Full coverage foundations always remind of my early college days of smokey eyes, nude lips, and my beloved M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid – it’s definitely the Studio Fix smell and the morning ritual of slathering on the cake face. Since then, I have associated heavier coverage foundations with matte finishes that often make the drier areas of my now combination skin noticeably drier, and consequently, more dull. Lately I’ve stuck to sheerer formulas like the By Terry Sheer Expert, but every lass needs a full coverage foundation in her arsenal, aye?  If you love a glow and are in the market for a kick ass full coverage foundation that delivers just that, the Shu Uemura Lightbulb foundation formulas are a winner.
When the going gets though – and after countless late nights and bad food choices, let’s face it – you hate your skin and your skin hates you. And when no amount of TLC from my skincare regime the night before can remedy the damage done, it’s time buckle down with the war paint in hand. Lately, my skin has not been a happy chappy with my late nights. It certainly shows, as seen from my little outbreak of hormonal acne. And after an intense 12-hour shift the day before and after little to no sleep, I woke up to a ruddy face. I thought, “Perfect. Time to test out the catch phrase ‘fake it till you make it’, and if the Lightbulb foundation formulas do really deliver.”
Wow. A believable glow – check. Smooth, egg-like skin (thanks Lavenia) – check. Gosh I wish my skin looked this fab IRL. No funky shimmery particles, no oily finish. As corny as it sounds, my skin looks lit from within. Most days I find myself starting the day with the Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and touching up with the Oloe-pact Foundation, essentially a compact foundation, throughout the day. However I’ve also applied the latter all over and the former around my T-zone and under my eyes for that extra coverage. I love both, but you had to choose one, I’d go for the Fluid Foundation, it’s a real gem

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