Linette is a twenty-something music grad. Her guilty pleasures include swooning to Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique Symphony, Final Fantasy video games, Mansur Gavriel handbags, and hoarding Tom Ford lipsticks.

“For the virtuoso, musical works are in fact nothing but tragic and moving materializations of his emotions; he is called upon to make them speak, weep, sing and sigh, to recreate them in accordance with his own consciousness. In this way he, like the composer, is a creator, for he must have within himself those passions that he wishes to bring so intensely to life.” – Franz Liszt


Megan lives deep in the bowels of suburbia in the most isolated capital city in the world. While on the clock, she is a baby lawyer. When off the clock, she enjoys voyages on the Internet, home-cooked meals and embarking on creative projects with friends.


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